Tool Upgrade Software Downloads

Click on the link to view the "Download and Install Instructions" for the TPMS tool you need to update and follow the step-by-step instructions.

CAUTION: Instead of a left click on the link to "OPEN" the HEX files below, you must right click on the link and choose either "Save As…" or "Save Target As…" (depending on which browser you are using), to "SAVE" the Hex files.

t.i.p.s. (TIPS003) and KTi p.s.t. (KTI71990A) Tools

TIPS003 / KTI71990A - Download and Install Instructions

Software for TIPS003 & KTI71990A - last_version_tips-12-10-08.exe
Hex File for TIPS003 & KTI71990A - tipspro_1_3_6.HEX


TPMS1 Tool

TPMS1 - Download and Install Instructions

Software for TPMS1 - ProPlus.exe
Hex File for TPMS1 - tipsproPlus_2_2_5.HEX


TPMS Downloadable Information

Click any of the links below to download additional TPMS information.

Sensor Listings
TPMS Sensors Ford Vehicles
KTip.s.t. User Guide
Common Vehicle TPMS Relearn Procedures